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Making trusted blockchain a reality with fully automatic exact verification technology for smart contracts.

Certora provides Formal Verification of Smart Contracts which is accessible and cost-efficient. Certora has unique technology called AEV (standing for Automatic Exact Verification) capable of checking all executions of a Smart Contract fulfill a set of requirements.

AEV technology is available as a tool that complements existing compilers and debuggers of Smart Contracts. It checks that the contracts fulfil its requirements and adheres to the interface requirements of other contracts. Certora’s blockchain independent and language-agnostic AEV technology precisely identifies bugs in Smart Contracts and proves their absence. Certora offers two unique solutions targeted for all participants in the blockchain ecosystem:

Continuous Smart Contract Formal Verification (CFV) for businesses that employ Smart Contracts. CFV continuously monitors all contracts for newly discovered vulnerabilities or changes that may expose new issues.

CFV guarantees long-term safety of your digital assets in the blockchain by notifying immediately on any new issues, thus reducing incident response time. This allows your business to avoid the consequences of undesired irreversible transactions.

Quality Development Environment (QDE) for developers permits developers to detect issues during development, maximizing security by the time of contract deployment.

QDE automatically produces a report of existing issues, reporting their severity and the exact manner in which they reproduce.