Calamari Network

Sushi MISO
Three Arrows
974 Days and 5 hours ago
Important Info
Calamari, Manta Network's canary-net, is the plug-and-play privacy-preservation parachain built to service the Kusama DeFi world. It combines Kusama and zkSNARKs to bring on-chain privacy to transactions and swaps.

Bento Box Event! 🦑+ 🍣 +🥣=😋🍱 Batch Auction on MISO (Sep 22nd, 1PM UTC)

Calamari and Sushi are perfect partners and share the same visions, including an emphasis on community, governance, privacy, and new products benefiting the DeFi world. Based on those common visions, Calamari will launch its Bento Box Event🍱 on MISO, Sushi’s token launchpad.

The Bento Box Event🍱 will take the form of a Batch Sale and last for 5 days. The KMA/USDC pool will be launched on SushiSwap. In our Batch Mode, the distribution of the “Bento Box Event🍱” Token Allocation will be proportional to each participant’s contribution to the total pool of USDC raised. For example, if 10,000,000 USDC is raised, then each USDC deposited receives 50 KMA. 

We believe the Bento Box Event🍱 will offer an equal opportunity for all interested Calamari and Manta Network community members.