Blue Horizon

Tokensale: TBA
Important Info
Blue Horizon is an NFT and DeFi market place for artists and collectors. Buy and sell NFTs on binance smart chain with any of the tokens that are listed on our exchange. We have a curated NFT marketplace where high quality artists can sell their artwork. We increase the value of the NFTs by implementation of gamification and NFT farming. Part of the platform fees will flow back to our Artists and Collectors to create a fair revenue for them and to encourage them to buy and sell artwork on the Blue Horizon platform. Another part of the fees will be used to buy back and burn our token, thereby making it a deflationary token model. The LP farming on our token exchange give good utility and income to our token holders. We have currently onboarded several artists who are already producing artwork for our platform, to ensure NFT trading to commence quickly after launch. These NFTs will then also be used in the gamification aspects of our NFT platform.

Pool Details

  • Token Distribution TGE : 25% and then 25% each following month
  • Token Price : 0.06
  • TGE Market Cap : 271K
  • Symbols : BLH
  • Total Supply : 100,000,000