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Anoma Introduction

Anoma is a sovereign, proof-of-stake blockchain that enables private, asset-agnostic bartering among any number of parties. The Anoma blockchain protocol aims to facilitate “Self-Sovereign Communities” by providing tools that grant increased control to individuals and communities’ of the systems governing their day-to-day aspects and activities, such as financial privacy, sovereignty, and coordination. As the first instances of the Anoma protocol focus on granting privacy-preserving financial tools, the Anoma blockchain protocol places special emphasis on supporting any kind of asset and on zero-knowledge privacy regardless of the denomination of the assets. The purpose of undefining money refers to the removal of any artificial constraints around what can be used as money or means of exchange, providing higher flexibility and control to the users of the protocol in deciding what to use — be it assets created by others or assets they created themselves. Anoma’s focus on financial self-sovereignty is also illustrated by the N-party barter system, which facilitates asset-agnostic private cash in the simplest cases, but can assist in exchange, trades, and other financial activities of entire communities. Finally, in alignment with the vision, the design of the Anoma blockchain protocol scales via fractal scaling. Simply put, each Anoma blockchain instance is designed to integrate seamlessly with other instances, which can be specialized geographically (e.g. when Alice pays for coffee in Shanghai, this transaction is settled by the Chinese instance of Anoma) or are tailored to satisfy the needs and purposes of any real-world or virtual community (e.g. an Anoma instance that allows Animal Crossing players to trade furniture).