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Important Info

Beginning March 22nd and running through June 2021, each of the five phases will run for a total of one week. There will be a two-week pause between phases for the Agoric team to evaluate results and prepare the next phase. At the start of the Staking Dynamics (Phase 3) and the Stress Test (Phase 4), there will be a technical upgrade issued by the Agoric team — so stay on the lookout!

    • Phase 1: Onboarding

Dedicated to the setting up the validator environment and getting familiar with the Agoric network.

    • Phase 2: Infrastructure

Focused on testing the hardware, using XS, running network load and performing maintenance tasks.

    • Phase 3: Staking Dynamics

Test all aspects of staking, jailing, bonding, and beyond.

    • Phase 4: Stress Test

Validators will participate in various tasks to test the upper bounds of our testnet, including coordinated strikes, network-wide votes, and how our network reacts to emergency updates.

    • Phase 5: Adversarial

A coordinated strike to bring as much complexity as possible to the Agoric network. Validators will compete with (and against) one another to take the largest portion of the reward pool.