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The Oort Digitale`s goal is to add more functionalities on top of your NFTs, and put them to work through DeFi and gamification. The program is dedicated to finding passionate individuals that are willing to become the face and voice of Oort Digital. The ambassador will be an extension of the team. Ambassadors are expected to already be familiar with The Oort Digital ambitious project and become more involved with communicating its unique value proposition to the rest of the world.

What will you be doing?

Anyone can join the Oort Digital community, but to become an Oort Digital ambassador requires a bit more commitment. You are ultimately in control of your growth journey with Oort Digital. Depending on your skills, it will be determined how you could best serve as an ambassador for Oort Digital.   Some general tasks include:
  • Spread words around diverse communities/channels (Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Reddit, Youtube, etc.)
  • Curate contents (visual or written) to broaden awareness about the project.
  • Share announcements and news on social media.
  There will also be specific tasks required for different types of ambassadors which can include but are not limited to:
  • Educate/broaden the community
  • Create original content on regular basis for Oort Digital social media
  • Collect feedback from different products (leasing, battle game, Oort Metaverse, marketplace, etc.)
  • Bug/Hack Bounty
  • Create Tutorials
  • Social Media sharing
  • Connect to the press
  • Translate into your native language
  • Moderate our channels (Discord, Telegram)
  • More to come!

Benefits of becoming an Oort Digital ambassador:

  • Network with top people in the crypto space.
  • Join a special Discord channel of NFT enthusiasts & creatives building the Oort Digital ecosystem.
  • Gain recognition & exposure in the blockchain space for all of your content & events.
  • Work hard to earn NFT rewards, tokens, and future physical prizes.

How to become an Oort Digital ambassador?

There are 4 ranks within the ambassador program: Galaxy> Star > Planet > Satellite. Galaxy is a special rank that can only be given by our core team, while the other 3 ranks can be promoted by the higher ranks. For example, Planet can only promote Satellite rank by closely monitoring and reviewing their performance, and Star can only promote Planet, etc.   If you have earned the Star rank, after several months of dedication, you can be promoted to the special rank Galaxy by the core team.   After promotion, if you cannot maintain the same level of performance, you might also get a downgrade of your rank.   All new ambassadors will start as the Satellite. To apply to become an ambassador, please apply here.