Raze Ambassador Program

from 29 Jun 2021
Event Info

As you may know now, the Raze Network team has chosen to delay the planned May Testnet launch because team wanted to take extra caution in ensuring the security of the project, especially in the face of the current predatory risk plaguing the DeFi world.

Team believes if team has the ability to discipline ourselves and delay gratification in the short term, team can serve for the greater good in the long term. This truly is the indispensable prerequisite for success.

Team believes that everything will go smoothly during their final testing and security checks. So it is safe to say that it won’t be long before the Raze Network community gets to experience and use the long-awaited testnet.

However, before the official launch, team is very excited to introduce to you their latest initiative — the new and improved Raze Ambassador Program (RAP).

The main objective of the program is to identify, recognize and reward the contributions of the key community members and thought leaders that champion the vision of Raze Network. And more importantly, to promote and celebrate the upcoming launch of Raze Network Testnet.

Some Key Points of the RAP

  1. The Raze Ambassador Program will now be held every quarter to infuse the Raze team with new passionate ambassadors beginning in Q3 2021
  2. A total of 50,000 $RAZE will be allocated to each Raze Ambassador Program round
  3. The Raze Network team will select five Ambassadors and reward them accordingly (10,000 $RAZE per person)
  4. The screening process will begin as soon as team see enough applications come in
  5. The main objective of the Ambassador Program is to identify community members who do an extraordinary job at promoting Raze Network and its upcoming Testnet

Let’s Get You Rewarded With $RAZE

Of course, they wouldn’t dare to assume your efforts and time are free. Becoming a Raze Ambassador comes with $RAZE rewards and many other benefits, which include but are not limited to:

  • If selected, your time and contribution will be fairly rewarded with $RAZE tokens; the reward allocation cap can be increased depending on your participation and more importantly on the results of your contributions
  • For the online/offline events you host, team offers additional tokens depending on the event’s success
  • Unique Raze Network merchandise will be mailed to you
  • Exclusive forthcoming Raze Network NFT’s
  • Access to RAZE ambassador telegram channel for exclusive insights into the project
  • A voice in the Raze Network Community Leadership Team

Who Are The Right Candidates?

In essence, anyone can apply for these positions, however, team will be very selective and specifically looking for those with the following specialties:

  1. Hyperactive community members who understand what it means to protect fundamental human rights through privacy
  2. Have a passion for the Raze Network philosophy and want to preach this to interested parties
  3. Social Media Genius — Those who can help broadcast their vision and values to reach a broader community on multiple social platforms
  4. Software developers and testers who have the technological understanding to test their application or similar projects for bugs, errors, or any problems that end-users may come across
  5. Raze Network evangelists who can build a critical mass of support and then establish network effects
  6. Community leaders with a proven track record of educating communities on blockchain technologies, DeFi, and decentralized privacy protocols

The list can go on but you probably already get the gist. If your talents are not mentioned in the above descriptions, please apply anyway and let them know how they can help each other.

How Can Raze Ambassadors Grow The Community?

Content Creators

Content Creators who will help them produce entertaining and educational material and relay that back to the community. They will create both digital media and offline content that caters to the interests of a target audience, which includes:

  • Content writing for their web pages
  • Writing articles to broadcast Raze Network values
  • Subtitling educational and promotional videos
  • Writing for social media posts

The creators should also be adept at promoting content on social media and should be familiar with digital publishing to generate traffic and leads for the community.


Community members and leaders will be responsible for:

  • Supporting the creation and ultimately executing Raze Network’s community strategy
  • Developing the network and utilizing the community to further expand privacy awareness
  • Making sure the community is fostered and developed to help achieve project objectives


  • Using social media marketing tools to create and maintain the interests in Raze Network
  • Working with marketing professionals to develop social media marketing campaigns
  • Creating promotional content on Raze Network and its upcoming campaigns
  • Researching social media trends and informing the team of changes that are relevant to the marketing activities


  • Testing Raze Network privacy protocol functionality and identify/report bugs
  • Offering help on optimizing user experience
  • Assisting with writing the product documentation
  • To help run nodes

In essence, team would likes anyone who is passionate about the Raze network to apply for these positions. Team cannot possibly mention all the responsibilities or ways to help the community here. They sincerely welcome all crypto lovers to apply and join the Raze family.

The Selection Process

The Raze Ambassador Candidate selection process will consist of the following aspects:

  1. Application and CV review
  2. Interviewing
  3. Final Decisions
  4. Induction to the Community