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Finding Kaco Finance Ambassador

Being an Ambassador

Potential ambassadors first create their #KacoFans (Kaco fans community), recruit new members, and form a core group of at least one hundred members. With the establishment of this core group, they can be formally recognized as ambassadors and need to be maintained through the following methods:

✅ Deliver and share official news from Kaco Finance

✅ Guide new users to experience Kaco Finance

✅ Personalize and localize their #KacoFans experience.

✅… and more!

Reward of Ambassadors

Becoming an ambassador is one of the best ways to show your contribution to the greater mission and help Kaco Finance grow to 200,000 monthly active users (MAU) by 2023.

When you meet the conditions, you will get:

  1. Kaco ambassador recognized globally;

2. Be the first to get the latest news and updates from Kaco exclusively;

3. Be the first to explore Kaco with our developers;

4. When your #KacoFans reaches a new milestone, a $KAC and community-specific NFT airdrop will be given to the community.

5. …And more!

How to become an ambassador?

Do you want to be one of our ambassadors? Then please don’t wait any longer and

Apply here!

We will check your information as soon as possible. Once approved, you will officially start your ambassador journey.

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